Benefits of Remarketing

One of the most powerful tools used in the world of advertising these days is remarketing. Find out how utilizing remarketing can benefit your business.

It is a given fact in business that in order to earn money, you need to spend money. This is why it’s important to consider the wisest course of action when spending for online advertising – to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. These days, it isn’t always reaching the most number of people, but reaching the right kind of people that counts. Enter remarketing.

Remarketing allows businesses with an online presence to display their ads to visitors who have previously been to their website. It has been used by savvy online marketers for years now, and has been steadily growing in popularity with entrepreneurs. If you’re wondering how remarketing looks like in action, imagine this scenario: You visit a website of a company that sells car accessories, maybe click on a few items, and add one or two of these to your shopping cart. However, you decide not to go ahead with the purchase and click out of the website. As you are browsing the Web and visit other unrelated sites, you continue to see the car accessories brand’s ads following you around. Before you know it, you are thinking of this brand, contemplating completing your purchase, and then you’re back on their website doing just that. That’s what remarketing looks like, and it works.

How Remarketing Benefits Businesses

Instead of just waving a sad goodbye as your bounced traffic leaves you, quite possibly for good, remarketing gives you the edge over competitors by keeping you at the top of that potential customer’s mind even after they have clicked off of your website. Here are a few reasons why remarketing is the go-to advertising tool in the online world:

  • You are sure that your brand is seen by the right people – the ones who have already expressed interest in your product or service by visiting your website.
  • You can tailor your ads to fit the needs and wants of your potential customer. If you are a retailer that sells clothing for men and women and someone visits the webpage for women’s clothing, you can make sure that the visitor is shown an ad for women’s clothing. This personalized advertising increases the chances that they will click on your ad and convert.
  • This type of online advertising is extremely cost-effective, since only people who are already interested in or familiar with your brand, product or service are more likely to click on the targeted banner ad and make a purchase, fill up a form, or sign up for a newsletter.

Remarketing is an effective tool, whether your goal is to generate leads, increase sales, drive traffic to your website, get newsletter sign-ups, develop brand awareness, revive interest in abandoned shopping carts, and upsell to existing or previous customers.

Depending on the advertising network you have joined, you may use different types of creatives with remarketing, such as banner ads, static images, animated images, videos or traditional text ads.