Why Targeted Banner Ads Work

There is a mixed response from consumers when it comes to targeted advertising: on one hand, there are those who view it as unobtrusive and helpful, while there are those who perceive it as an invasion of privacy. But an important point to think on is, do targeted banner ads work?

Banner Ad Targeting 101

Banner ad targeting is made possible by remarketing, which gives advertisers the ability to determine a specific audience based on their Internet surfing behavior and customize their advertisements to fit their interests. Commonly, remarketing works like this:

  • When a potential customer visits your website, they are they tagged or marked which tells other websites that he or she has been to your website.
  • When the potential customer leaves your website, he or she will be followed by your ads, keeping your brand on top of mind.
  • When the potential customer sees your ad, he or she may be enticed to click on the ad and will be brought back to your website and hopefully, complete an action (sign up for a newsletter, fill up a form or purchase an item).

Why It Works

One of the main reasons why remarketing works is that it helps a business, whether big or small, to build a relationship with a potential customer even after they’ve left the website. Instead of letting a visitor slip through your grasp when they click off, it is possible to bring them back and convert them into buyers with the help of remarketing. This is why remarketing has become an invaluable tool to include in any online business’s marketing and sales arsenal.

When It Works

Employing targeted banner ads can be tremendously effective, but you have to know how and when to use it appropriately. Some examples of remarketing done right include:

  • An online shop that sells women’s clothing and accessories that remarkets to its visitors who have filled shopping carts but didn’t checkout and actually purchase anything.
  • A travel website who remarkets to potential customers who have visited their website to browse vacation destinations and top-rated hotels in various areas who didn’t book their trip. In this case, the targeted banner ad can encourage previous visitors to book their trip, by offering a discount or tour package.
  • A brand that specializes in weatherproof gear who remarkets to previous visitors who have purchased rain boots to offer raincoats and other waterproof gear.

Remarketing Tips

As with any other marketing and advertising campaigns, remarketing costs money, so it would be wise to do your research and learn how to effectively utilize it. Below are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Make sure that you are gathering and using the appropriate information from your visitors. If your enterprise offers only one kind of service or product, then it would make sense to add your tracking to your home page. Otherwise, it would be best to do add this to specific product pages.
  • Your brand should be prominently displayed on the banner. This increases the chances that your audience will click on it.